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Welcome to Precarian Cuts. We make custom handmade, limited short run records on poly-carbonate, or plexi-glass as it's otherwise known.

Precarian Cuts is staffed and ran by former employees of and we pride ourselves on keeping up the same excellent service, and the same quality records that we were manufacturing at LatheCuts. We use the same procedure, lathes, and equipment that was formerly utilized by

Lathe cut records are not a direct substitute for pressed records. Lathe cuts are always 100% hand-made, in real time. If the record is 10 minutes long, it took 10 minutes to cut plus an extensive setup time to make your record sound as great as possible. This labor, along with maintenance and the knowledge required to produce these, make lathe cuts slightly more expensive (per piece) than a larger pressing of vinyl.

The benefits are minimums that are much lower (25 vs 300+), turnaround time is quicker (usually 1-2 months or less vs 8+ months), and the format is more flexible. Unfortunately, small runs and quick turnaround times require a sacrifice of some fidelity and volume. All records will be playable and enjoyable, but will NOT sound identical to the master recording and may have difficulty being played on very low end turntables. If fidelity is your sole interest in vinyl records, we highly recommend you use a pressing plant.

These records should be treated like unique works of playable, musical art. They are great for kickstarter campaigns, limited edition pre-orders, personal projects, tours, art shows, and so much more.

We work in conjunction with a co-op of lathe cutters all affiliated with If there is something you don't see here, please check out the other sites and maybe you'll find it there, if not please get in touch.

Precarian Cuts is an offshoot of Precarian Media, a Tucson, AZ based record label and boutique booking agency ran by Zack Hansen, known for his long time atmospheric sludge band North (Prosthetic Records), his death-grind group Languish (Battleground Records/Crown and Throne Ltd.) and his solo experimental ambient moniker Zachary Reid.

Feel free to email us with ANY and ALL questions at and we'll do our best to answer them.